How to make a stuffed toy?

2024/05 metinfo

stuffed animails  Even if there are lots of stuffed toys around sometimes you just can’t find what you are looking for. So how to make a stuffed toy? It’s not that easy, but if you have some patience you can make it.

 Planning comes first when you make a stuffed toy. First you should have a pretty clear idea of what you want to make. Then aquire the stuffing, textiles and threads you will need. It’s a nice idea to make a drawing of the toy you want to make. The good thing is that you can be as creative as you want.

 Next make templates of the pieces you will need to cut on paper. Use them to cut the fabric in the shapes you will need. This might take some trial and error so don’t hurry and take your time.

Make a stuffed toy process

After you have cut all the pieces you need, comes the time to sew them together. Start with the biggest and main pieces and work your way from them adding one at a time.

Use the same color threads as the main fabric and you can sew them with a sewing machine for better quality. If you’re good with sewing by hand you can do that too, just be careful.

Now, depending on the stuffed toy you’re making, you might have legs, arms and other parts that will be easier to sew seperately and then sew them to the main body. If that’s the case also fill these parts up with the stuffing of your choice. This might be pellets, grains, cotton, wool, hay, foam or a combination of more than one stuffing.

After you’re done with the main body and have filled it with the stuffing, attach and sew the other parts to it. The main part of the work will now be done.


The next big step when you make a stuffed toy. What really brings a stuffed toy to life is the small details. So hair, eyebrows, eyes and so on must be added. This is where you can really give your creativity some freedom. You can use wool or various types of threads for hair and eyebrows for example.

For eyes you can knit them in place or use small buttons. Fake teeth can be added by cutting white thick pieces of fabric and sewing them in place.

While you can use glue for most of these details is best to sew them on the toy. This way you ensure they will stay on even when you clean and wash the stuffed toy later on.

Depending on the type of used fabric for the stuffie you might want to make some clothes for your creation. This is also where you can give your creativity some freedom. Or, if the toy is with a relatively common human shape, you can actually save yourself the extra effort and use old baby clothes.